Faber-Castell Castle’s “Four Seasons”

In the Magic of Winter

Shiny winter idyll with Pitt artist pens with metallic accents

For this Winter motif, the Pitt artist pen metallic colours fit perfectly to the season and holidays. Bright reds and greens offer a vibrant contrast to a snowy wonderland.

Castle in Spring

Motif with Albrecht Dürer watercolour pencils

Albrecht Dürer watercolor pencils are ideal for the colourful Spring castle motif. The vividly colored pencils are available in a huge selection so that each flower can individually come into play. Previously coloured areas can be then painted in watercolours. This brings the colours out in a more intensive shine.

Attractive watercolour effects for the castle in Spring

Here, the Albrecht Dürer watercolour pencils were not coloured directly onto the picture, rather applied on a separate sheet and then dissolved with a wet paint brush and then transferred onto the elements of the castle motif. This allows very fine colour transitions to be created, as seen for example on the facade of the castle and the crocuses.

Summery Sea of Flowers

Pitt Artist Pen – A Summer dream in blue

The wide range of blue, green, and turquoise tones in the Pitt artist pen assortment ensures that even when there is a concentration of blue-green tones, the castle motif is not the least bit boring.

Autumnal Colour Rapture

Motif with Polychromos coloured pencils

The broad colour assortment of Polychromos colored pencils is ideal for the Autumn motif. The colorful variety of the foliage can be achieved very nicely when appropriate colours are combined and superimposed. Beautiful effects can be produced by using light and dark shades.

Try different colour combinations out on a separate sheet of paper before applying them to your subject.