Faber-Castell is carbon-neutral

Faber-Castell is completely “green” – now also in black on white: A scientific study con-firmed that the biggest pencil manufacturer in the world is carbon-neutral. The company’s forests in Brazil absorb harmful carbon emissions.

Just in time for World Environment Day on 5 June Faber-Castell can draw a positive balance regarding climate protection. A scientific study by the German technical inspec-tion association TÜV Rheinland® has now confirmed that Faber-Castell’s forests in Brazil ab-sorb more than 900,000 tons of carbon. This means that they retain considerably more CO2 than the company emits worldwide. Unlike other companies that merely offset their carbon footprints by purchasing carbon credits, Faber-Castell can consider itself to be completely carbon neutral and makes a genuine contribution to climate protection.

The unique forestry project in Prata in south-eastern Brazil was initiated 30 years ago by the company’s owner and CEO Count Anton-Wolfgang von Faber-Castell. Around 10,000 hectares have been planted with millions of seedlings. The FSC®-certified wood from these forests now supplies the world's biggest factory in São Carlos, whose production capacity is more than 2 bil-lion wood-cased pencils a year. In addition to securing resources, respect for the environment also plays a key role: around 2,700 hectares of forest remain untouched and have become a habi-tat for rare animal and plant species. Thanks to the constant reforestation of harvested trees the forests are sustainable ecological systems.
Founded in 1761, Faber-Castell is one of the world’s oldest industrial companies and is now in the hands of the eighth generation of the same family. Faber-Castell is one of the world`s leading manufacturers and sellers of high-quality products for writing, colouring, and creative design – a famous name all over the world. In the financial year 2013-14 Faber-Castell generated sales of approximately EUR 531 million.