Children's Fund Foundation

Dear Sirs and Madams,

Faber-Castell is a family business operating throughout the world that has been committed to meeting its social responsibilities since its very earliest days. My great-great grandfather, Baron Lothar von Faber, founded one of the first company nurseries in Germany, built company housing and supported schools. My father, Count Roland von Faber-Castell, continued with this charitable work and spoke explicitly of his ancestors' "law" that an entrepreneur must also be socially responsible. In March 2000 I signed the Faber-Castell Social Charter, which is valid worldwide and contains, for example, a ban on child labour. This responsibility led me to establish the Graf von Faber-Castell Children's Fund Foundation in 2001 to support various humanitarian children's aid projects at home and abroad. We hope that this will give many children a fair chance. The Foundation primarily supports nurseries, schools, children's hospitals, orphanages and demonstrably organised groups that look after children in a meaningful way.

With your donation you are helping children in need in developing countries, in Germany and in our own home region of Franconia. With the help of my colleagues, I will ensure that 100% of all donations are used rapidly, transparently and for concrete projects to provide children with support.
Yours sincerely, Count Anton-Wolfgang von Faber-Castell