Are you colour blind?
Experience the joy that colour brings

There are an estimated 350 million people worldwide with colour vision deficiency. Today there is an innovative solution available. EnChroma has created glasses with special optical filters that help those affected by colour blindness perceive more of the range of the colours that most of us take for granted. 

Colour blind view conversion by: EnChroma, Inc.

We live in a world full of colours. We use them to express ourselves, to bring ideas to life, to interpret signs. Most people can perceive at least one million hues and shades.  

Colour vision deficiencies
The common term “colour blindness” is most often used and refers mainly to red-green colour blindness. Other forms of colour vision deficiencies exist also, such as blue-yellow colour blindness and even, if rarely, actual colour blindness. 

Causes and challenges of colour blindness 
Colour blind people can see only about 10% of the above mentioned one million hues and shades. To the colour blind, the world appears less vibrant and some colours are indistinguishable - like purple and blue, pink and gray or red and brown. Colour blind people often face ‘colour confusion,’ incorrectly name colours, make questionable paint choices, and overlook details or objects, such as brake or traffic lights. Many colour blind people find their career or artistic pursuits limited by their condition. While colour blindness is often considered a mild disability, studies show that two-thirds of people with CVD feel it is a handicap.  

Innovative solutions for colour blind people 
To help, the American company EnChroma created specially engineered lenses that enable red-green colour blind people to see colours more clearly, distinctly and vibrantly. The glasses, which combine the latest in colour perception neuroscience and lens innovation, are available for children and adults. The effect for many of those affected can be astonishing, as a seemingly whole new colorful world opens up.

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One common vision: experiencing a colourful future 

Colours are an ingrained part of our lives. At Faber-Castell, it is our vision to unleash creative potential. We produce high quality tools, aiming to inspire people to express themselves, and interlink our products through our trusted colour-index system. For our children’s product range, we collaborate with educators and adhere to the latest learning standards. We proudly provide a wide range of brilliant colours for little creatives and experienced artists alike. And that is why we strongly support the mission of EnChroma: to contribute to the human experience of colour vision, aiming to enable everyone to experience more of the joy that colour brings.