For more beautiful writing: the Pitt Artist Pen hand lettering sets

The Hand Lettering trend: Give your greeting cards a special handwritten flavour!

The love for analogue techniques continues. Many people worldwide paint, write and draw out of sheer joy and passion. In the era of smartphones and touchscreens, these people yearn to do things where they can live out their creativity and concentrate fully on themselves. 
In particular, hand lettering is one of the current craft trends and the talk of both professional artists and hobbyists alike. This comes as no surprise because artful hand lettering creates true pieces of handwritten art. 

Regardless of whether you use a brush pen, a classic fineliner, a brush and paint, or a dip pen and ink – the possibilities in hand lettering are vast and creative.

Did you know? Hand lettering is also a popular element in bullet journaling, which is likewise an ongoing creative craze. It allows you to decorate and highlight notes.


Handlettering with our Pitt Artist Pens

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Hand Lettering in Black and Red
Hand Lettering is so trendy! Try it out and use colours!
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Hand Lettering in green tones
Delicate green tones are perfect for spring fever!
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Hand Lettering in metallic tones
Metallic tones give your cards an extra special look - so bright and shiny!
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Hand Lettering in pastel tones
Our Pitt Artist Artist Pen range provides lovely pastel tones. Try it out!
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Our new Hand Lettering sets

Our Pitt Artist Pen is an excellent tool not just for calligraphy but also for Hand lettering. The Pitt Artist Pen is a brush pen with a soft tip. This allows you to vary your stroke thickness. You can use the Pitt Artist Pen for drawing as well as painting.

The Pitt Artist Pen is the perfect companion for hand lettering because it combines a brush and India ink in one instrument. The five new Pitt Artist Pen hand lettering sets are the perfect tools for those looking to temporarily trade in their keyboard for ink. The assorted boxes are ideal for both beginners and advanced users.
The hand lettering sets are available in our online shop.

Hand Lettering gift set, 12 pieces
Pitt Artist Pen India ink pen, set of 6 Lettering, Blue
Pitt Artist Pen India ink pen, wallet of 8 Lettering, Pinks
Pitt Artist Pen India ink pen, set of 4 Lettering, black
Pitt Artist Pen India ink pen, set of 6 Lettering, Pastel
Pitt Artist Pen India ink pen, set of 6 Lettering, Green
Pitt Artist Pen India ink pen, set of 8 Lettering, Start
Pitt Artist Pen Metallic 1.5 India ink pen, wallet of 4

Hand Lettering tutorials

If you still a beginner in the area of Hand lettering and would like to learn it step by step, we recommend that you first use a pencil to draw the desired lettering on a piece of paper. This can be very helpful because during hand lettering letters often have curved lines and are squiggly. After you have drawn the template, there is nothing else in your way: grab a pen or brush and decorate every letter to your heart's content!
Ensure that the pencil markings that you drew at the start are no longer visible. You can do so, for example, by tracing over the markings using a thin fineliner or erasing them after completion.
Inspiration: On our pages about calligraphy, you will also be able to find different alphabets and font types that you can use to practice your handwriting.

You will find great ideas, guides and inspirations in our new hand lettering tutorials. This will help get you started with using your new Pitt Artist Pen sets immediately.

Our Tutorials

Hand Lettering "Never too old to dream"
The Tutorial "Never too old to dream" with the Pitt Artist Pen ink pen makes you dream...
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Hand Lettering "Hello Spring"
Spring can't come soon enough. Our new pastel highligter are ideal for this handlettering card "Spring"
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Hand Lettering "Forever you"
Be romantic with the Tutorial "Forever you" with the Pitt Artist Pen ink pen!
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Hand Lettering "Love out loud"
Our Tutorial "Love out loud" with the Art & Graphic water brush spreads love!
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Tip: Create a practice book to track your progress and improvement. Try out all kinds of different pens on the book, have a go at the basics, and then choose your favourite option.

If you already have advanced knowledge of the art of handlettering, you can boldly venture on to using a fountain pen and ink. There is a guide for everyone in our tutorials for beginners and advanced users.

Use Hand Lettering for your Bullet Journal

Bullet Journaling
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Basic techniques in Calligraphy and Hand Lettering

Getting creative with calligraphy and Hand Lettering
Do it yourself – experiment with the colours and types of lettering and explore the variety which the Pitt Artist Pen assortment has to offer.
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Calligraphy with a brush nib is a lot of fun, but needs some practice.
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