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Faber-Castell is the world's oldest pencil manufacturer - founded in 1761. Select from the best quality graphite pencils in a wide variety of designs and colours. Collections of the CASTELL 9000, GRIP 2001 pencils and many other premium quality pencils are the key to enjoying your creative experience. Black lead pencils are available in up to 16 degrees of hardness - ideal for all purposes and needs for artists. There are also watersoluable leads available - search for GRAPHITE AQUARELLE. For office work or students' needs, there is a wide selection of standard pencils available. Well assorted wood, combined with fully bonded graphite leads make the perfect item for everyday writing.
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Faber-Castell - Perfect Pencil II black
Perfect Pencil II black
Faber-Castell - Graphite pencil 1111 B
Graphite pencil 1111 B
Faber-Castell - Perfect pencil DESIGN black
Perfect pencil DESIGN black
Faber-Castell - Spare pencils Perfect Pencil
Spare pencils Perfect Pencil
Faber-Castell - Perfect Pencil III black
Perfect Pencil III black
Faber-Castell - Graphite pencil 1111 HB
Graphite pencil 1111 HB
Faber-Castell - Perfect Pencil III
Perfect Pencil III
Faber-Castell - Graphite pencil 1112 with eraser HB
Graphite pencil 1112 with eraser HB
Faber-Castell - Perfect pencil DESIGN black gift set
Perfect pencil DESIGN black gift set
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General Information about Faber-Castell pencils

Award winning GRIP 2001

In an age dominated by PCs and the Internet, can people still get excited about pencils? Yes, they can: Short, long, round, square, smooth, with integrated sharpener and eraser - there is no end to the attractive innovations. The only one pencil of its kind anywhere in the world: GRIP 2001. The patented Soft-GRIP zone prevents fingers from slipping. The ergonomic triangular shape ensures fatigue-free writing. The surface coating is made from environmentally-friendly water-based paint, a technology first introduced by Faber-Castell. The pencil's lead is fully bonded with the wood surround, making it particularly break-resistant.

Faber-Castell's history in one pencil

CASTELL 9000 - a genuinely classic pencil - was launched by Count Alexander von Faber-Castell in 1905. Its quality and finely graduated degrees of hardness have made it a firm favourite with artists and illustrators. Its lead is fully bonded with the wood surround and is therefore particularly break-resistant. The CASTELL 9000 is available in 16 different degrees of hardness, making it the ideal pencil for all technical and artistic applications. This classicl pencil is also available to purchase as PERFECT PENCIL edition - with sharpener, extender and eraser attached.