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The luminous watercolours in our high-coverage paintbox have a high coverage capacity, can be mixed perfectly and are therefore ideally suited for all techniques and applications in school and as a leisure activity. The paints can be mixed in the white mixing pallet in the lid and coordinated with any colour template through the transparent part of the lid (also removable). For its innovative design and remarkable functionality, the Connector paintbox was awarded the title of Product of the Year 2012 by the industry association pro-k. The paint pots in the paintbox can be individually connected, helping children to learn colours in a fun way. This product is complimented with an extensive range of useful water cups and brushes (especially for school children).
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Faber-Castell - Water cup Clic&Go blue
3 Exterior colours
Water cup Clic&Go
Faber-Castell - Watercolour paint box 12 colours
Watercolour paint box 12 colours
Faber-Castell - Brush Set with soft touch for school, crafts & hobby
Brush Set with soft touch for school, crafts & hobby
Faber-Castell - 12 Artist Water Colour
12 Artist Water Colour
Faber-Castell - 18 Artist Water Colours
18 Artist Water Colours
Faber-Castell - Paint box Connector 12 colours
Paint box Connector 12 colours
Faber-Castell - Paint box Connector 24 colours
Paint box Connector 24 colours
Faber-Castell - 6 Fabric Colour
6 Fabric Colour
Faber-Castell - 12 Fabric Colour
12 Fabric Colour
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Painting with the paintbox


Primary and secondary colours: The relevant secondary colours can be mixed using two adjacent primary colours. Glazing technique: Multiple thin layers of colour are placed one over the other in several steps. Sealing techniques: Apply wax on the paper before painting and the wax repels the topcoat. That's practical physics in the art class.


In everyday use in schools, we often notice that some colours are used up faster than others. That's why the paints can be purchased individually so there's no need to re-order an entire paintbox.