technical drawing instrument for students and architects

Compass for the perfect circle and to create mandalas

Quality and functionality combined with sophisticated design – this is the motto of the Faber-Castell company. Even with regard to compasses, the market leader keeps abreast of the latest trends. However, apart from trendy designs, Faber-Castell also offers rugged technology: Robust gear wheels, firm central wheel spindles, easily adjustable legs as well as non-slip needles and lead clamps for exact lines are standard features of all Faber-Castell compasses.
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Faber-Castell - Giant springbow compass
Giant springbow compass
Faber-Castell - Twister 2019 compass with quick set mechanism
Twister 2019 compass with quick set mechanism
Faber-Castell - Compass "school & college" -  small
Compass "school & college" - small
Faber-Castell - Quick-Set Compass with lever mechanism
Quick-Set Compass with lever mechanism
Faber-Castell - Compass "school & college"
Compass "school & college"
Faber-Castell - Compass "school & college", jointed legs
Compass "school & college", jointed legs
Faber-Castell - Compass adaptor universal 40300
Compass adaptor universal 40300

Faber-Castell compass for school, university and profession

Durable and Reliable tools

Math teachers are praising the quality and the possibilities of Faber-Castell compasses. Our technical drawing tools for school are designed to enable your kids to create the best results and develope a creative phantasy which is not limited by technical boundaries.

Carrying Case

All our compasses come in a plastic carrying case which keeps the compass (and your hands) safe. They also include a little spare part tin for leads and needles.