Graphite pencil triangular, motif ladybird, 3 pieces

Graphite pencil triangular, motif ladybird, 3 pieces

These graphite pencils convinces through its good writing quality. Its triangular shape and the extra break-resistant lead due to SV bonding makes them an ideal companion for writing, drawing and sketching in school and office. Available in 3 different designs.

Product details

  • Triangular shape for ergonomic grip
  • Break-resistant lead due to secural bonding process (SV)
  • Motif: ladybird: Degree of hardness: B
  • Blister card

Eco Pencil

Timber from certified sustainable forestry (e.g. FSC, PEFC, SFI)


This product is made of FSC certified wood and thus orginates from responsibly managed forests.

PVC-free eraser

As a world leader in the production of erasers, Faber-Castell avoids the use of harmful softeners. The eraser is produced under strict quality control and are PVC-free.

Carbon-neutral production

The CO2 emissions caused by the manufacturing process of this product are neutralized by certified projects.