Laundry marker, black, round tip

Laundry marker, black, round tip

These textile markers are suitable for a range of fabrics and projects: from cotton bags to T-shirts to interior fabrics for the nursery. The colours are automatically fixed after 24 hours or after ironing. Ideal for little textile designers or individual gifts.

Product details

  • Simply mark clothing, whether in clinic, kindergarten, school or leisure
  • For everything that's important, whether name, department, team or what ever you want to mark
  • Fixed automatically after 24 hours or immediately after ironing without steam
  • Suitable for a wide range of fabrics
  • Colour-fast and washable up to 95°C depending on your fabric
  • Barrel and caps 100% recycled plastic
  • Colour black
  • Made in Germany

Carbon-neutral product

Certified projects have compensated CO2, that occur during the procurement of materials, production and transport to the production site. Carbon-neutral product

Recycled plastic

Faber-Castell works on reducing plastics or replacing them with recycled materials. The product contains recycled plastic.