Marker Slim Whiteboard, Wonder box, 17 pieces

Marker Slim Whiteboard, Wonder box, 17 pieces

Specially designed for children, Faber-Castell Slim Whiteboard Marker comes with easy-to-grip barrel size. It is ideal for small hands and the fine point tip is suitable for writing and drawing on smaller whiteboard. The bright ink easily be erased from the whiteboard surface. Bright marking: Great contrast and high visibility. Xylene-free and low odor. For better performance, place the marker tip down position for minimum one hour before start using.

Product details

  • Best companion for kids when on the move
  • Children whiteboard
  • Xylene free and low odour
  • Fine point
  • High intensity ink ensures easy reading
  • Slim barrel for pleasant writing experience on whiteboards
  • Round tip
  • Dry wipe - easy to clean
  • Set includes: 10 colours, detachable whiteboard, mini duster and 5 different activities for games and learning
  • Box is ideal for on the move
  • Store horizontally
  • Colours: brown, orange, red, pink, violet, blue, sky blue, lime green, green and black


The shafts and caps of Faber-Castell markers and fibre-tip pens are made of polypropylene (PP) to protect them from drying out quickly. Their ink will last for years.