Scribolino twist pencil, blue, 1.4 mm

ST51 blue

Scribolino twist pencil, blue, 1.4 mm

Scribolino pens assist children to learn how to write . They are adjusted to the particular development stage of the child ergonomics assists a relaxed tripod grasp. From pencil to pen to perfection with Scribolino .

Product details

  • Scribolino twist pencil, the ideal pencil for learning to write with spring-loaded lead guidance
  • For right- and left-handers
  • Built-in shock absorber that gives way before the lead breaks
  • Sturdy twist mechanism
  • Two break-resistant 1.4 mm leads inside the pencil, degree of hardness B, for long writing pleasure
  • Broad, soft, non-slip grip surfaces for relaxed three-finger grip
  • Colour: blue