Gift set Lothar von Faber Polygrades

Gift set Lothar von Faber Polygrades

Besides the standard range, Faber-Castell offers to their customers a repertoire of unique, exclusive and limited products. Faber-Castell’s limited editions promise quality and extraordinariness. The best of our Art & Graphic assortment combined in an elegant compilation or products, especially manufactured for this occasion.These special editions enable Faber-Castell to present highly valued artist’s materials in a unique packaging or in special combinations and inspire fans and friends of the brand.

Product details

  • Lothar von Faber was one of the most important persons in Faber- Castell´s history
  • On the occasion of his 200. birthday Faber-Castell introduces this exclusive and limited gift set with 12 Polygrades graphite pencils (degrees of hardness 5B - 5H)
  • The Polygrades: the company A.W. Faber can thank this pencil for beginning their global renown
  • It was launched in Paris in 1837
  • This edition shown is as close as possible to the historic original
  • The Polygrades pencil was replaced by the green Castell 9000 series 1905

Eco Pencil

Timber from certified sustainable forestry (e.g. FSC, PEFC, SFI)

Waterbased eco varnish

Virtually all the pencils produced in the main factory in Stein are coated with an environmentally-friendly water-based paint. This is even used for the raised dots on the Grip pencils.