Products for architects, technical drawers, design and planning

Technical drawing, illustrations

Faber-Castell offers optimal solutions for school, university and training in the field of technical drawing: Clutch pencils, drawing boards, ink pens, templates and rulers support the exact portrayal of technical details. High-quality materials have been processed to develop reliable and high-quality tools for architects and design practices. Even with the increasing use of digital design tools, ideas are often born on paper. You will also find refill ink, pencil leads, compass leads and other spare parts for our technical drawing products here.

Information on Faber-Castell technical drawing products

Technical pens and drawing ink

The precise, reliable and extremely easy-to-use technical pens from Faber-Castell have a stainless steel nib and are therefore optimally suited for use on drawing paper and transparent paper. There are 12 stroke widths. The technical pens are refilled with an environmentally-friendly ink cartridge. The high-quality black drawing ink is available separately in 23ml air-tight bottles. Useful for professionals like architects, architectural practices, draughtspeople, design practices, construction planning or for learning technical drawing. The Faber-Castell technical pens and ECCO Pigment Fineliners are becoming increasingly popular with illustrators and artists. The high-quality workmanship and lightfast ink guarantee optimal drawing results.

Drawing boards and drawing heads

Drawing boards from Faber-Castell are available in different versions in A4 and A3. They are made from high-quality plastic, which is impact-resistant and break-proof and also resistant to compass punctures. The easy-to-use paper tensioning rail can hold even multiple sheets of paper securely and parallel sliding drawing rulers and drawing heads with adjustable angle enable parallel and angled lines to be drawn with high precision. Non-slip feet on the bottom of the board hold the work surface securely in place. There is a useful scale on the body of the board and parallel ruler. The drawing board has a parallel ruler with parallel sliding lines (7° and 42° lines). An important expansion part for the drawing boards is the 'drawing head for TK SYSTEM drawing board' (item number 171200) with 90° swivel range, 15° grid shift and 1° fine adjustment.