For that special flow: Ambition OpArt “Deep Water”

They are regarded as real utopias – and in these demanding times more so than ever before: the world’s oceans are our origin, the basis of our existence, and a source of strength and peace. Once you have let your gaze wander over the endless expanse of the ocean, you will forever remember the rhythmic, hypnotic movement of the water, the ebb and flow of the waves and the iridescent nuances of blue. This unique interplay of shape and colour served as inspiration for the latest edition of Ambition OpArt: the twist ballpoint pen and fountain pen in Deep Water. The characteristic guilloché pattern of the precious resin barrel brings out the deep-water effect in an exceptionally beautiful way: the grid pattern, which is based on OpArt aesthetics, makes the blue shimmer just like waves through its intertwined shapes – and the flow of ink will come to life all on its own. This special flow is supported by the fountain pen’s high-quality stainless steel nib; with the twist ballpoint pen, the black, large-capacity cartridge with line width B can be extended and retracted with a twist mechanism. In keeping with the successful line’s design concept, the chrome-plated metal tip and cap once again lend a streamlined appearance. The spring-loaded precious metal clip on the cap allows the pen to be securely attached to a diary or work folder, staying put at the office come hell or high water.


Sandra Suppa
Corporate Communication
Antje Röder
Product- and Marketingcommunication