Albrecht Dürer Magnus: The XXL version of a classic

Even as a very young man, the painter and illustrator Albrecht Dürer was a perfectionist. He created his Self-Portrait at the age of 13 with a silverpoint, a tool that allows for no corrections. We do not need to be quite so strict today, but when it comes to selecting an artistic tool, you should always choose the best. We recommend the popular Albrecht Dürer artists' watercolour pencils, which are now also available with an extra thick 5.3 mm lead. The XXL version of the classic watercolour pencils is called Albrecht Dürer Magnus. Thanks to the soft, rich colour stroke, you can create both fine contours and broad designs. All colours can be fully dissolved as watercolour paints and they are light-resistant. If you want to start small, choose the tin of 12 pencils; experienced artists and lovers of colours such as pale geranium lake or helioblue-reddish will enjoy the tin of 24. Both sets include a size 10 watercolour brush.

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