Baptism of Leonhard Count of Faber-Castell

Stein, Sep 2016. He may only be a few months old, but already the young Leonhard Alexander Anton-Wolfgang Count of Faber-Castell* has taken the hearts of many by storm. The son of Charles Count of Faber-Castell and Melissa Countess of Faber-Castell was christened on Sunday in the Martin Luther Church in Stein, by Reverend Hans-Joachim Ackermann and Reverend Tobias Wittenberg. In the baptism speech they point out: „Once in a while it might be important for somebody to tell him: Don„t be afraid of having a powerful name. But don„t rejoice in it either. Just let your name remind you, that we„re a family, that you are a part of a family." After the ceremony, the parents invited the 80 international guests to a reception in the Faber-Castell Castle.

Just like little Leonard‟s parents, the godparents also have international roots. In the future, Otto Friedrich Carl Fürst zu Castell-Rüdenhausen (Germany), Nadine Pöppinghaus (Germany), Dianne Sahenk (USA), Maya Portakal Bitargil (Turkey), Oliver Christof (Austria) and Carlos Lüthy (Argentina) will be keeping a close eye on the progress of the youngest Faber-Castell offspring. The church was decorated with white hydrangeas. The Spanish-designed christening robe was made of silk and lace. Guests were inter alia Prince and Princess Donatus and Floria von Hessen and the Turkish entrepreneur Ferit Sahenk with his wife. Little Leo is the first male representative of the 10th generation, which makes him the heir apparent. How does Charles Count of Faber-Castell want his son‟s journey through life to shape up? He is pretty relaxed about it all: “First, he‟s got to learn to stand on his own two feet, literally and figuratively. The most important thing is that he is happy, however his future develops.” Independence and self-reliance are important prerequisites to enable his child to have a fulfilling life. That‟s how he and his siblings were brought up.

The history of the name: Leonhard Alexander is a traditional name, reaching back to the third and the sixth family generations. Georg Leonhard Faber (1788-1839) proved to be a far-sighted business man and father when he decided to send his three sons Lothar, Eberhard and Johann abroad for their education so they could gain expertise in more progressive environments: “Learn as much as you can, no expense is too great”. He made it possible for his son Lothar to have a commercial apprenticeship in Paris, thus laying the foundation stone for what would later become the world famous A.W. Faber brand. Count Alexander zu Castell-Rüdenhausen (1866-1928) was company leader of the sixth generation. Through his marriage to Baroness Ottilie von Faber the new noble family lineage came to be. He is considered the father of the legendary, green Castell 9000 pencil that celebrates its 111th birthday this year.

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