Add style to your writing: Grip Edition All Black and Gold

Handwriting is back! In this age of apps and touch screens, handwritten notes are a special way to show your friends and family how much you appreciate them. Now we have a new and stylish series of writing instruments for fans of the written word: the Grip Edition All Black and Gold includes the Grip fountain pen and Grip ballpoint pen with a matte surface and stable stainless steel clip in chic gold or matte black. Both pens have a sleek design and are comfortable to hold.
With its signature soft grip and a sophisticated nib and ink combination, the fountain pen glides silkily across the page. A touch of elegance: for both colour options, the stainless steel nib is black and available in EF, F, M and B. The Grip ballpoint pen comes with a large capacity, refillable XB permanent ink cartridge so you can write more with fewer refills. A great gift idea to mark life’s special occasions: this elegant pen can also be purchased as part of a set with a sleek metal case in either gold or black.

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Sandra Suppa
Corporate Communication
Antje Röder
Product- and Marketingcommunication