The Polychromos Cup: our Facebook fans’ favourite

Art always also means communication. Although drawing and sketching is something that is generally done alone, creatives thrive on debating questions of design – what images are currently inspiring, which techniques are best-suited and what pencils are particularly vibrant? Intensive discussions take place among our loyal and passionate community on the Facebook page of Faber-Castell – and not only that: time and again, fans post their own designs and ask whether these could be depicted on product packaging.
Exactly that has now happened: the Polychromos Cup is decorated with an image that was selected in a Facebook competition. Under the motto “Urban Colours”, the world’s largest pencil manufacturer called on its fans to develop a design for a new pencil cup. More than 500 proposals were submitted from all continents. A specialist jury selected four images from these entries and these were then rated by the Facebook community. The winning design was that of Patricia Sierhuis van Roij, who depicted the cuboid cup as a brick wall on which a gecko is looped against the plaster around the corner – a scene that immediately awakens memories of wandering through towns in southern Europe in the blazing sunshine and is sure to boost the mood. “I definitely did not want to draw a skyline or graffiti in gaudy colours,” explains the Dutch winner (50), who runs an art school in Haaksbergen in the Netherlands, “I wanted to develop an image with subtle tones that replicate the brick and plaster.”
The Polychromos Cup contains subtle tones, but also bright and warm summery colours: the artists' pencils with 3.8 mm leads impress with soft, strong colour laydown, high pigmentation and brilliant colours. Extremely light-fast, smudgeproof and water-resistant, this high-end version of pencils in an exceptional holder is an amazing inspiration for creative and communicative spirits.

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