Press release

Unique and sustainable: neon update for cool summer outfits

Your favourite jeans are past their prime and your white T-shirt looks boring? That's no reason to simply get rid of your old clothes. After all, it only takes a few simple steps to transform them into new it-pieces. This is not only creative, but also sustainable, and in this way you can create truly unique items.

The Textile Markers from Faber-Castell are the perfect tool for this trend. They adhere very well to many fabrics, especially cotton, and add the finishing touch to homemade items. There are 11 individual shades to choose from. Four new strong neon colours that even glow under black light provide extra highlights.

The long-lasting wedge tip of the markers creates great accents in three different stroke widths, depending on the pen stroke. To ensure that the ink is better absorbed by the fibres, the fabric should be washed before painting. The colours are automatically fixed after a drying time of 24 hours, washable and ironable. Clear sign for the environment: the barrels and caps of the markers are made of 100 percent recycled plastic.


Sandra Suppa
Corporate Communication
Antje Röder
Product- and Marketingcommunication