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  • Everybody 
  • 24 min
What you need:
Watercolour paper in A4, 160 g/sqm, Faber-Castell Aqua Dual Markers in 114 pale pink, 125 middle purple pink, 174 chromium green opaque, 199 black, Brush size 4 or water brush, Pair of scissors, Hole punch or label punch, Ribbon or tassel  

Step 1

Cover an A4 sheet with roses, with space in between them. To do so use the broad tip of the Dual Marker in pale pink (114) and, for the flower, draw small semicircles in a snail shape from the inside to the outside to create a flower of approx. 3 cm. Fill the whole page with them, leaving space in between the flowers for leaves. Don’t be too fussy – it doesn’t have to be perfect. 

Step 2

Take middle purple pink (125) and draw three small semicircles in the middle of the flowers.

Step 3

Now colour in the pink petals with the water brush or a slightly damp brush, moving from the outside to the centre. In the next step, dampen the pink semicircles in the middle with the brush and let the colour run outwards a little. Don’t use too much water, otherwise you will end up with unsightly water marks.  

Step 4

Using the broad tip of the green marker (174), draw one to two green leaves in the gaps between the roses.  

Step 5

Colour in the leaves, again using the (water) brush. To do this, first dissolve the colour in the middle of the leaf and then lightly go over the outer lines so that the colour dissolves a little and the leaf looks slightly blurred.

Step 6

Now cut the sheet of paper into 4 strips each around 6 cm wide.   

Step 7

Punch a hole at the top and round off the corners using the scissors or use a label punch. Now attach a pretty ribbon or tassel to the bookmark.   

Step 8

Now use black (199) to write an appealing slogan or saying on the bookmark. If you write the important words with the broad tip and the less important ones with the fine tip, this looks vibrant and gives your bookmark a great hand lettering look.  

Ann Pasternack

In 2019, Ann Pasternack discovered her love of hand lettering as she was searching for a little time out from her work and family. It provides her with fantastic opportunities to escape from everyday life for a moment and immerse herself in the world of colours. “Brush pens in particular offer an incredible variety of possible uses. You can do everything from simple writing to blending and watercolour painting without any great material costs. And that makes them an essential companion.”  
But she is also a great fan of other materials, too: she uses everything from shimmering watercolours and matt chalk markers to watercolour colour pencils and permanent acrylic markers to create beautiful lettering on different surfaces.   
Ann Pasternack accepts orders for hand lettering, board designs for restaurants and retail outlets, gives (online) workshops and can be booked for live lettering demonstrations at events.  
To find out more about the artist Ann Pasternack and her work, take a look at her website www.pink-ink-lettering.de or find her work on Instagram @pink.ink.lettering.