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Handlettering: Christmas gift tags

  • Everybody 
  • 30 min
What you need:
Goldfaber graphite pencil 2B, Pitt Artist Pen fineliner S black, Metallics marker, compass, scissors, eraser, glue stick, punch pliers, drawing cardboard, gold cardboard
What would Christmas be without bright metallic effects! With the coloured Metallics markers you can create your own personalised gift tags and give your Christmas parcels the perfect look. It couldn't be more festive! 

Before you start: Prepare the things you need ready to use.
Step 1:
Print out the template in the desired size. Then transfer the template onto the white drawing cardboard with the Goldfaber pencil.
Step 2:
Trace the outlines with the black Pitt Artist Pen fineliner S.
Step 3:
Erase the pencil lines again.
Step 4:
Now paint the letter areas and the ornaments with the Metallics markers.
Step 5:
Use the compass to draw a circle around your lettering.
Step 6:
Cut out the design along the pencil line with the scissors.
Step 7:
Transfer the outlines of the gift tag to the gold cardboard and cut out the gift tag with scissors.
Step 8:
Use a pair of punch pliers to punch the hole for the suspension.
Step 9:
Stick your lettering in the middle of the gold cardboard and pull a nice ribbon or cord through the hole of the gold cardboard.


Here you can download the template for the christmas gift tag.
Download it now!