Tutorial: Christmas Card "Tree & Present"


Cut a cardboard or watercolour paper in the desired square size. Apply Gelatos in tones of green and blue and blend the colours with a wet paintbrush or finger. Repeat applying Gelatos at several spots and blur with your finger.

Step 2:

Colour the templates of trees and presents with Pitt Artist Pens Brush (alternatively with watercolour pencils, colour pencils or Gelatos).

Step 3:

Draw  semi-circles with the black Pitt Artist Pen Fineliner on a paper and colour it in yellow or gold using Gelatos and a wet paintbrush. Alternatively draw snowy hills with the black Pitt Artist Pen Fineliner and colour them in light blue by taking some colour off a blue Gelatos with a wet paintbrush. Cut out the motifs when dry.

Step 4:

Colour a stamp (for example sheet music) with the black Pitt Artist Pen Big Brush and apply it to several spots of the background.

Step 5:

Dab some snowflakes with the Pitt Artist Pen White. For more opacity repeat this procedure.

Step 6:

Add some small details with the black Pitt Artist Pen Fineliner (stars, Christmas glitter balls, etc.).

Step 7:

Apply some Gelatos in yellow or gold to a solid surface and blend with some water. Take the liquid colour with a paintbrush and spray it onto the card.

Step 8:

Place the single parts on the card and fix them with glue. For three-dimensional effects use some adhesive pads. Write a personal message either directly on the card or onto a coloured paper strip, which has to be glued as well. In the end, apply the motive to a folding card, write an individual message inside and your creative Christmas card is finished!