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Design your own Father`s Day postcard and trophy


Step 1

First, sketch out the format of your postcard on paper. It's best to use Bristol paper, as an element of your postcard will also be painted in watercolour. The advantage: Bristol paper absorbs pigments without altering them, thanks to its special surface texture.
Then draw the five lines of text and write the words in pencil on the lines.
To create the order, start with the inner circle at the bottom left, then sketch a slightly larger one for the inner part and finally the one where the frills will be drawn. This outer circle serves as a guide for you to make the frills the same size. Now draw two more bands with pointed ends. Finally, place the words "Best Dad" in the inner circle.

Step 2

Use the Pitt Artist Pen M in black to trace the formal letters, and for the handwriting choose the Pitt Artist Pen Brush.
For the grey shadow lines on the words in cursive, use a fine Pitt Artist Pen.
The frills of the order are hatched with the two shades of blue of the Goldfaber Aqua colour pencils. The places where the frills are folded are marked dark. Leave a little white in the middle of the frills to add highlights.

Step 3

Now paint the ruffles from the darker to the lighter areas.
Then hatch the ribbons and the circles inside the order with a yellow Goldfaber Aqua coloured pencil - watercolour also the yellow areas and let everything dry well. 


Step 4

Now colour the formal letters with a blue Pitt Artist Pen. Draw the words "Best Dad" with a Pitt Artist Pen M in black. Finally, work out the darker areas of the order with grey. Draw a grey area with the grey Goldfaber Aqua coloured pen on another paper, take up some of the colour with the brush and then paint the darker areas in your bow. 


Step 1

First draw a rectangle - this will give you guidelines for the construction of the cup. Then draw the vertical centre line into the rectangle. Define the width of the cup - for this purpose draw two vertical lines on the left and right side of the cup, offset to the inside.

Step 2

Draw a horizontal auxiliary line for the height of the handles. It should be slightly above the middle of the cup. Determine the thickness of the handle: draw two vertical lines, offset to the left and right of the central axis. Then define the width of the stand: mark the middle between the middle axis and the edge of the format, and then draw a horizontal line for the height of the stand.

Step 3

As the next step, draw the outline of the cup within your guidelines and then a second line for the handles, offset inwards. Carefully erase your lines.

Step 4

Place the words "Father of the year" in the cup.

Step 5

Hatch the edges with a golden Goldfaber Aqua coloured pencil.

Step 6

Paint the surfaces of the trophy from the outside to the inside. Try to create a colour gradient: from darker to very light gold. This creates a effect, as if the light was reflecting on the metal.

Step 7

When the paint is dry, draw the lettering with a black Pitt Artist Pen M. With cursive writing, you can draw the lines ("strokes") that you have written from top to bottom a little thicker.

Step 8

Now follow the shadow lines: Imagine the light comes from the top left, then your writing casts a shadow to the bottom right. Wherever a shadow falls, you now draw a fine line with the Pitt Artist Pen in stroke width F.

Step 9

Finally, draw an outline around the trophy and cut it out.