How to draw and colour a feather with Albrecht Dürer Magnus



60 min

What you need:

Albrecht Dürer Magnus in dark chrome yellow 109, walnut brown 177, warm grey II 271, warm grey V 274 and black 199, Water Brush, Watercolour paper with fine surface in DIN A4 or DIN A5

Step 1

A drawn feather.
Place a feather before you on the table, hold a photo in your hand or use our feather watercolour as a template. Our feather was created with walnut brown 177 and warm grey V 274. The walnut brown areas in the upper right were partially accentuated with dark chrome yellow 109. The light points were left out completely. The fine, delicate feather area below on the quill was drawn with warm grey II 271. 

Step 2

A drawn feather.
Blend the painted areas with the water brush. You may use a lot of water, but please make sure that the outline of the feather remains visible.

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