Hand Lettering "Forever you"

  • Everybody 
  • 30 min
What you need:

Paper, square, from 80 g, Faber-Castell pencil Castell 9000 HB, Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen B ink pen, in black, Ruler, Eraser

Step 1

Sketch a heart shape and the text. Do not apply the Castell 9000 HB with too much pressure so that it can be erased easily later on.

Step 2

Then draw around the sketched lines with pencil again with even spacing.

Step 3

Use the Pitt Artist Pen B to trace around the outer contours of the writing and the heart without applying pressure on the flexible brush tip.

Step 4

To fill in the area, apply slight pressure on the tip of the Pitt Artist Pen B to increase the stroke thickness. Finished!