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Hannah Rabenstein

Preliminary studies at Faber-Castell Academy. The main reason for my love of letters, lettering and calligraphy.  
Design studies at TH Nuremberg (OHM) focusing on typography and graphic design, Self-employment since the beginning of 2014 
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I have a great love and fascination for anything that has to do with lettering and writing. It has become a part of my daily life, and naturally my work too.  
Perfectionism is a blessing and a curse at the same time – but for me they are inseparable.  
„That looks like it has been printed“ is for me often the best compliment. And with the sheer endless possibilities that Faber-Castell can offer me and my art, I can take full advantage of exactly that. 
Pencil, eraser, fine liner and Pitt Artist Pen should always be in my pencil case. Above all with the Pitt Artist Pens it is a joy to work on colouring, writing and decorating. What really is fantastic for me are the fine color grades. Above all the pastel tones are great for shading and accents or just to mix them with coloured pencils.  
The tip of the brush pen is robust but still fine and exact and is my faithful companion for the more expansive work.