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Thank you card with washi tape and the Connector paint box

This is what you need:

  • strong watercolour paper (or a ready-made blank card)
  • washi tape
  • Connector paint box, brushes, clean water
  • possibly a pencil, ruler and a pair of scissors

Step 1

Write “Thank you” softly in pencil on paper (In our example see the German word “Danke”) and mark the desired size of the card if you are not using a ready-made one.

Step 2

Write your message with washi tape.

Step 3

Dampen the card with clean water. Don’t worry! This is no problem for the washi tape.

Step 4

Paint over the washi tape using the colours from the paintbox. It is great to see just how easy it is to create attractive colour transitions on the damp watercolour paper.

Step 5

Leave to dry for a short time. Carefully remove the washi tape and admire the colourful space around the letters. If necessary, trim the card to size.

Your card is now ready to use!

Tip 1: Before you start, make sure the washi tape is easy to remove from the watercolour paper and does not cause the paper to tear. If you don’t have any washi tape to hand, painter’s masking tape could work just as well.

Tip 2: If the paper has curled slightly due to the dampness,  you can iron it flat using an iron on a moderate temperature (make sure you put something underneath before ironing).