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Upcycling idea: Use empty quark or yoghurt pots as as a paper sleeve for plants

Actively protect your environment! With this upcycling project you can brighten up empty yoghurt pots and use them to give a plant as a present!

You will need the following material:

  • Connector paint box with opaque white
  • Clic & Go water cup, Brush
  • Grip graphite pencil
  • Grip felt-tip pen
  • Brown paper, Pair of scissors, Sponge, empty yoghurt pot with removable paper sleeve

Step 1

Remove the paper sleeve from the empty yoghurt pot.

Then place the detached sleeve as a template on the brown paper and draw round it with a pencil. Lengthen it a little to be sure that the sleeve overlaps slightly later.

Step 2

Now you have to use the rinsing sponge. Draw the outlines of different sized leaves on the sponge with a felt-tip pen. The shapes should not be too small otherwise it will be difficult to cut them out.

Step 3

Cut out the leaves you have drawn with a pair of scissors.

Step 4

Now, mix the opaque white with a little water in a mixing field on the Connector lid. Make sure that the mixture is creamy and not too diluted.

Then use a brush to apply the paint to one side of the leaf-shaped sponge piece, stamp the paint onto the brown paper and let the paint dry completely.

Step 5

Your attractive sleeve is almost finished! Cut it out along the pencil line and trim the ends if necessary. But make sure that they overlap a little.

Step 6

Now stick the sleeve on the plastic pot. Put several dots of glue onto the pot and press the sleeve on firmly.

Step 7

Finally, place your beautiful plant in the plastic pot.

And while you’re in the creative mood, why not make a beautiful tag with a personal message and attach it with a ribbon? A great present that’s a definite eye-catcher!